Top Features to Look For in Kids’ Snow Boots

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Playing in the snowWith the holiday season over and done, now we’re stuck with the rest of winter and of course all of the snow that comes along with this ever-so-pleasant season. And if you have kids, you know the concern you feel when you send them off to school in what you hope is the most appropriate outerwear to keep them warm getting on and off the bus and throughout their recess time.

If you have kids who love to play in the snow, one of the most important things you can provide them with is a good pair of winter boots to keep their little toes warm all day long without you having to worry

otherwise. So here are some of the most important features to look for when shopping for a good pair of winter boots for your kids, so you’ll know that they’ll stay warm and dry all day in the snow, and they’ll be able to move and play comfortably.

Boot Height

First and foremost, you’ll want to look for a pair of boots that won’t allow any snow to get inside the boot itself to wet the hem of your children’s pants. This means you’ll want a pair of boots that’s preferably higher than their ankles that ties tightly at the top to secure the bottoms of the pants inside their boots.

A snug fit around the ankle will ensure no snow will get inside the boot, even when they’re playing like crazy in the snowbanks in your neighborhood all day long.

Drawstring Closures

Many kids’ boots these days now also feature a special drawstring at the top opening of each boot that allows you to secure the lining of the boot all the way around the child’s ankle.

This drawstring feature helps to further protect your children’s feet from the moisture of snow that may enter into the boot.

Warm Linings

Different brands of boots will feature different kinds of linings, but when it comes to winter boots in particular, the material that the boots are lined with can make a world of difference when it comes to the warmth of your children’s feet.

Generally speaking, fleece is a go-to for winter boot liners because it’s warm and quick-drying should it ever get wet. Faux fur lining is another option that will guarantee warmth, but doesn’t perform as well when it comes to interior dryness.

Shop for a boot that’s well-insulated and has a snug, but not too snug, fit. Boots that are too small for your child won’t allow for proper circulation to the feet and could cause chilly toes, despite its otherwise warm lining.

Exterior Material

If you can’t find a boot with good waterproof material on the exterior, then what’s the point of having the boots in the winter in the first place? When you’re shopping for boots for yourself, one of the first things you look for is the exterior waterproof factor. Why would you consider anything else for your children?

Look for exterior boot materials that wick water away to keep your children’s feet even dryer and warmer.

Solid Soles

Another important factor to look for in kids’ winter boots is a slip-resistant sole. Any sole that features additional traction will be the way to go in a good pair of boots, otherwise your kids will take one step out in the snow and end up on their bums.

Look for rubber slip-resistant soles that feature additional treads for more traction so that your kids can run and play without ever having to worry about slipping on the wet snow.

Ashley Dean is a freelance writer who loves Justin boots for the winter season and makes sure to wrap up her kids in the same brand. She recommends finding a pair of boots for your kids that they’re comfortable in that they don’t mind wearing all day every day during the winter.

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