Take Photos Good Enough To Print At Your Next Family Gathering


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Whenever there’s a family gathering it’s always nice to take a few great photos. For most people these events don’t happen as regularly as we would like, so having photos ensures the memory can stay with all of us. We even like to have the best ones printed out and blown-up so they can be framed to put around the home. When you’re having photos printed it’s a little bit different.

They’re going to be on show all the time and you’ll be able to pick up on all the little details. That’s why you need to make sure that everyone looks great in them. If you’re the one pointing the camera it’s you that gets to tell people how they should be posing, but just to give you a little help we can go over a few ways to make sure the photos will turn out great.

It’s more than the mouth

Look closely the next time you tell a child to smile when they are upset and no matter how hard they try it will look terrible. This is because the mouth doesn’t actually do much if the eyes aren’t on the same wavelength. They say that the eyes are the windows into our soul, so you know how important they must be to photographs. When someone is faking a smile the photo will be terrible, so make sure they feel it with their eyes.

Any jokers in the family?

Most families are unfortunate enough to have one joker. Sometimes they are loveable and everybody can’t get enough of their jokes, or on the other side of the equation they can be the most annoying people in the world. It doesn’t really matter which one they are when you’re taking a photo because you don’t want any of them trying to be the center of attention. Get them to tone it down so everyone has an equal share of the photo.

Don’t make any hand signs

Unless you’re a family of Japanese teenage girls you should stay away from making all those silly hand gestures. Sometimes you might feel like doing something stupid, but at the end of the day you’ll look back a few years later and wish you had a proper photo that looked nice. That doesn’t mean to say you can’t have a laugh in the photo, but just resist the temptation to make those stupid peace signs or anything like them.

Watch what you’re wearing

When you’re having a family gathering you definitely don’t organize what you’ll be wearing before you go so the photos will turn out nice, but just remember that if someone is wearing something too bright it will be the only thing people see when they look at the photo. If there is someone there who has decided to wear a luminous colored jumper that day then maybe they could take it off or cover it before any photos are taken.

Don’t stand straight

There’s a couple of things about this one. The first is not letting anyone who is shy stand there like a solider. You can tell because there back is perfectly vertical and there hands are tucked behind them. It just looks like a military photo. The second is not letting everyone stand in a straight line. A good photo should look natural and you don’t normally find many people with their body pointing in the same direction, so mix it up a little.

Take height into consideration

It’s probably always a good idea to take height into consideration when you’re about to take a photo. Hopefully most people in the family are the same height and it doesn’t matter too much, but your photo is going to look a little funny if you have all the tall people at one side and the shorter people at the other. In order to know how silly it would look you could just imagine children in one half of the photo and grownups in the other. The balance would be off.

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