How To Write Blog Posts Faster

Social Media Club London 2 - mind map

When it comes to maintaining a money making blog, there is lots to do. You have to write quality blog posts and then do what you can to get traffic to it. The problem is, if you waste too much time writing your blog content, you don’t have much time to do marketing. To be more efficient, you need to discover how to write blog posts faster. That way, you have time to do other things to promote your blog. The extra time you gain will also give you the opportunity to spend time with your kids, go out for a bit of exercise or just do something relaxing instead of being chained to your computer.

Here are 7 secrets of mine that will get you churning out those blog posts in record time.

  1. Use Mind Mapping
    On a blank piece of paper, write the title of your blog post in the middle of the page. Brainstorm as to what you can write about that topic. For example, you can simply talk about the “why” and “how” of your topic. Below is an example of what a mind map looks like.
    Social Media Club London 2 - mind map
  2. Don’t Edit While Your Write
    You don’t have to write everything perfectly the first time. Just let your thoughts and ideas flow. Only edit after you’ve finished writing the whole blog post. Editing while writing just slows you down. What you can do is imagine you are talking to your friend about the topic. Write down what you would say. You don’t edit when you talk to your friend do you? :)
  3. Create a To Do List
    While you are writing, have you ever found yourself thinking “Hey, an image would do nicely here” or “Gosh, I should see if there is a good quote to go with this”. Well, put all those thoughts that down on a ‘to do list”. Don’t abandon your writing and go looking for all that stuff. Do it after you’re done writing. Just put in brackets in the article you are writing something like “insert image here”. You can come back and do the insertion later.
  4. Follow a Format or an Outline
    Plan before hand how you want your blog post to look like. For example:Title
    Subheading 1 – Supporting idea 1, Supporting idea 2
    Subheading 2 – Supporting idea 1, Supporting idea 2, Supporting idea 3
    Summary – Call to Action
  5. Limit Your Research Time
    Be careful how much time you spend on doing research. It is so easy to get caught up in browsing all the information available out there. Give yourself a time limit and don’t feel like you need to have ALL the information at your fingertips before you can start writing. Just get what is sufficient to write a good post.
  6. Be Focused
    A blog post don’t have to be long. Actually, a post that is clear, concise and to the point is more appealing to the readers. So if your topic has a lot of ground to cover, you might want to think about breaking it up into several different posts.
  7. Use PLR
    There are lots of PLR  (private label rights) that you can use to fill your blog. The article is already written for you by someone else and you can edit it as you like. Of course you can publish the PLR article as-is but it would be better if you crafted it to suit your audience. It would only take a few minutes to rewrite some sentences so the post reflects your personality. Format the article so it looks nice and suggest some products to earn some affiliate moolah.


Of course, it will take practice, practice and practice to learn how to write blog posts faster. It is a skill worth learning.


If you need more help in this area, check out the PLR package below. The neat thing about PLR is that you can first learn from the information and then later use that same information to fuel your blog. There is so many things you can do with PLR. You can even sell the information and earn back the money you spent on it.

PLR package: How to Write Blog Posts Faster

  • A 11-page step-by-step template guide (2,791 words)
  • A 6-page “21 Ideas for Writing Your Blog Posts Fast” Idea Sheet (1,549 words)
  • 3-Week Printable Calendar (4 pages, 684 words)
  • 4-page checklist (556 words)
  • 12-page Resource Rolodex (1,938 words)
  • 6-page Worksheet (672 words)


As you can see, this is not your ordinary PLR. It is not just articles. These are tools that you can use like the checklist, calendar and worksheet.


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