Easter Candy Bouquet DIY

Here’s a demonstration how to put together an Easter Candy Bouquet by yourself. Seems fairly simple and it would make a wonderful gift.

Of course you can always change the container and the type of candy. In any candy bouquet, the process is the same…

  • Select a suitable container.
  • Cut some Styrofoam to fit the container. This is for you to poke the candy sticks into it.
  • Use tissue or other decorative fillers to give it a colorful, festive look.
  • Any candy that doesn’t have a stick of its own, attach a stick with a glue gun.
  • Arrange the candy so it looks visually appealing.
  • Add in ribbons, soft toy or other decorative stuff to enhance the look.


It is so much fun to put these candy bouquets together. You can do it for any occasion. If you need more ideas and instructions on how to make your own candy bouquet, you’ll get valuable information here: HOW TO MAKE CANDY BOUQUETS FOR FUN AND PROFIT



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