Book Review: The Happiest Baby On The Block

You Can Have A Smiling Baby Instead Of A Screaming Baby

Have a new baby at home and need help to stop the crying? This book The Happiest Baby on the Block may be the answer to your prayers. Dr. Harvey Karp advocates a method he calls the 5 “S’s” to calm fussy, crying babies especially during the first 3 months. This book has had both good and bad reviews, mainly good ones. Some parents may not agree with his method especially the part about giving baby a pacifier to suck. However, if you are desperate enough, this book may be what you are looking for.


Introduction: How I Rediscovered the Ancient Secrets for Calming Crying Babies
Part One –

  • Look Who’s Squawking: Why Babies Cry — And Why Some Cry So Much At Last There’s Hope: An Easy Way to Calm Crying Babies
  • Crying: Our Babies’ Ancient Survival Tool
  • The Dreaded Colic: A “CRYsis” for the Whole Family
  • The Top Five Theories of Colic and Why They Aren’t Right
  • The True Cause of Colic: The Missing Fourth Trimester


Part Two –

  • Learning the Ancient Art of Soothing a Baby The Woman Who Mistook Her Baby for a Horse: Modern Parents Who Forgot About the Fourth Trimester
  • Your Baby’s Off Switch for Crying: The Calming Reflex and the 5 “S’s”
  • The 1st “S”: Swaddling — A Feeling of Pure “Wrap”ture
  • The 2nd “S”: Side (or Stomach) — Your Baby’s Feel-Good Position
  • The 3rd “S”: Shhhh — Your Baby’s Favorite Soothing Sound
  • The 4th “S”: Swinging — Moving in Rhythm with Your Baby’s Needs
  • The 5th “S”: Sucking — The Icing on the Cake
  • The Cuddle Cure: Combining the 5 “S’s” into a Perfect Recipe for Your Baby’s Bliss
  • Other Colic Remedies: From Massage and Feeing Problem Cures to Old Wives’ Tales
  • The Magical 6th “S”: Sweet Dreams!


Conclusion: The Rainbow at the End of the Tunnel

The book is easy to read with many subheadings, diagrams, bullet points, and parents sharing their experiences. If you want to get the book, click the picture at the beginning of this post. For a DVD & CD combo, click the link below:
The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD + CD COMBO By Dr. Harvey Karp The New Way to Calm Crying, and Help Your Baby Sleep Longer + “Super Soothing” Calming Sounds CD With 5 great sounds!

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