Bond Over “Mood Boards” & DIY Projects: 5 Tips to Redecorate Your Tween’s Room


One day you had free reign on the decor of your kids’ bedrooms and then suddenly you don’t. As your little ones become tweens and teens, they begin to show an interest in having their own space that is uniquely “them.” For some moms with a strong sense of style (and a love of control), this can be the start of many battles ending with the dreaded “because I said so.” However, you can let your child express her or his style and interests without letting them cover the every wall with tacky posters of Justin Bieber and the like. Here are five tips to help you and your tween decorate a stylish space that you both love:


Start brainstorming with your child about what you both want the room to look like. Peruse Pinterest, design websites like Houzz and decor magazines to find inspiration. Decor experts at Momtourage recommend considering how you can incorporate your child’s hobbies and interests into their new room, as well as leaving ample space for storage and homework. Stop by the hardware store for paint samples and order samples of any other items you plan to update, such as wallpaper, wooden blinds and fabric for bedding and drapes.

Make a Mood Board

One of the most difficult parts of decorating is anticipating how everything is going to come together.

“Mood boards are a great way to play with ideas and to have time to see what things will look like,” suggests Pottery Barn style expert Nathan Turner.

Once you’ve gathered all of the samples and inspiration clippings, pin them to a large cork board to make a mood board and see how everything looks together.

Create a Floor Plan

Houzz recommends drawing a floor plan of the room to help determine how to arrange the furniture. Take precise measurements of the room as well as the furniture and any new furniture you plan to add. Make cut-outs of each piece of furniture, drawn to scale, so you can move them around the floor plan easily and get a feel for what arrangement will work best.

Plan DIY Projects

Tackling a few DIY projects together can be a great bonding experience. Is there an old dresser in the basement that could be painted to look like a new one that’s on the mood board? Or why not make your own artwork instead of buying it? If your child is interested in photography, consider adding a gallery wall featuring a framed photo series with photos your child took of their favorite places and objects. You and your child may both surprise each other with your crafting skills and creativity!

Ready, Set, Go!

Once you have made your to-do list for this project and have purchased everything you need to get started, create a schedule for each phase of the project. Depending on the extent of your plans to redecorate, you should be able to complete everything in a weekend, but make sure that you both have time to work on everything together. Working within a precise schedule will help keep you and your child stay focused and motivated to get the job done.

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  1. This can be a fun binding moment with your tweens.. I love it.

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