32% Discount on Playbook for Learning Kit

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Playbook for Learning Kit

Teach your child or student subject matter in a way that celebrates and embraces their unique spirit and learning style! The Learning Playbook Kit by Kidzmet is a detailed, practical guide that will help you identify what type of learner your child is to help them excel and develop confidence in their learning and study strengths.

Deal Start Date: October 31st
Educents Price: $16.99
Discount: 32%

This deal closes in a few days. Click the banner below to learn more about Playbook for Learning Kit.

Why buy?

  • Reveals ALL the ways your child is smart
  • Kids realize that learning can be fun, engaging, and exciting
  • Easy to read, understand, and apply
  • Contains tips from preparing the environment to overcoming failures and even ideas for motivating your child
  • Use for all learning opportunities (sports, hobbies, in-home activities, etc)


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