What It Costs To Homeschool Your Child

Homeschooling can have different price tags, depending on the method one chooses. Several factors play into the price, including method, grade level and how many resources you have available for teaching.

Homeschooling materials include textbooks, workbooks, lab and project materials.

If you don’t feel confident developing your own curriculum, then you’ll want to invest in one that includes a teacher’s lesson plan, preferably a daily one to make the educational process more convenient for you.

Lesson plans already prepared come at a cost. You can decrease some of the costs by finding out exactly which part of the curriculum you want to work on, and by checking with local public schools to see if you can borrow some text books.

You might also find additional resources at your local library. You can also buy used books rather than new ones.

The internet is also a wonderful place to find additional resources. Don’t be afraid to search for some daily lesson plans that you can print out – as well as project ideas you can assign to your child to make learning fun and interactive.

Reach out to other homeschooling parents. Many of them are willing to trade books and suggestions. You may have to change a few things to make it more personalized for your child, or supplement it with something you find at Barnes and Noble, but used materials can shave hundreds of dollars off of your expenses.

Maximize your field trips. You can teach lessons at the museum and ask the guide a few questions as you go. If you’re learning about monkeys in your lesson plan, then why not learn about them at the zoo instead of looking at pictures in a book?

Learn through nature. Taking a hike at the park can teach your child a great deal about the environment and it can be a lot of fun. Learning while having fun is more productive as well.

Join a homeschooling community or start one of your own. Together with a group you can also work on getting extra supplies donated by schools and other organizations.

Check garage sales, local thrift stores and flea markets for equipment to use. You may be able to find chalkboards or notebooks at a discount price. Groups of homeschoolers sometimes buy in bulk for extra savings.

Homeschooling costs can greatly vary depending on how you will choose to set up your lesson plan. It’s been reported to cost some families almost $3,000 – but there are plenty of ways you can cut costs and work it into your budget.

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