The Life of Pi is a Story about Human Endeavour and Imagination

Every so often, a book comes around that challenges people to think, The Life of Pi is such a book. It is the story of a boy who is forced to deal with intense fear and adversity in order to survive a terrible ordeal. However, the readers are forced to constantly re-examine the boy’s story – and ultimately come to their own conclusions. It is this expertly-crafted ambiguity that will have readers thinking about the book for weeks after they finish the last chapter. The Life of Pi is about to be launched on the big-screen, and it is now available as in iPhone ebook.

The story follows Pi, the son of a zookeeper in India. Pi is forced to leave India with his family and the zoo animals for a new life in North America. However, the cargo-ship they are travelling on succumbs to the ocean, and Pi is left floating aimlessly on a lifeboat with some very unusual friends. A badly-wounded zebra, a hyena, an orang-utan and a Bengal tiger caller Richard Parker are sharing the lifeboat with Pi, and it isn’t long before all but Pi have been devoured by the
hungry tiger.

The middle section of this thought-provoking book details Pi’s intense struggle to keep the tiger at bay. He uses a combination of his detailed knowledge of animals and a constant flow of food in order to keep the tiger pacified for the entirety of the 227 day ordeal on the ocean. The ordeal ends when the lifeboat makes landfall in Mexico, and Richard Parker immediately escapes into the jungle. Pi is left to explain his incredible ordeal to the world’s press on his own, but his far-fetched
account is simply not believed. After much coercion, Pi is persuaded to change his account to a far more believable one – but which account is truthful?

The Life of Pi received widespread critical acclaim when it was first released in 2002, and it also won the Booker prize for fiction in the same year. Readers were dazzled with the vivid imagery created by author, Yann Martel, and they were asked to complete the story for themselves.

Another major work of literature that makes it onto the big screen this year is The Hobbit. Tolkien’s original classic is also available to download as an ebook.

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