Stretch Your Food Budget With Quaker Oats Coupons

The Quaker company has been producing milled oats since 1899. In the United Kingdom alone, more than 47 million gallons of porridge are consumed every winter. More than just a filling morning snack, the raw materials can be incorporated in all types of recipes including classic meat loaf, crusty baked salmon, spicy lamb burgers and pancakes with chilli and chorizo. Quaker Oats coupons can help stretch your entire food budget, not just breakfast.

Whole grain oat cereal has a low glycemic index. Unlike sugary, refined cereals, this means that they are taken up by the body slowly and help regulate blood glucose levels. They are therefore good for people with impaired glucose metabolism or with diabetes. They may be enjoyed on their own as porridge at breakfast time or incorporated into a tasty recipe any time of day.

Quaker oat cereal contributes high levels of dietary fiber, selenium, manganese and magnesium to the diet. Scientists have shown that a small portion every day can help people with high cholesterol bring their levels down by up to twenty-three per cent. They are rich in anti-oxidants that help protect against damage to many kinds of cells.

Healthy oat cereal may be incorporated into a healthy diet in a number of ways. The whole grain or oat flour can be added to recipes for muffins. They may be sprinkled into salads or other cereal dishes. They may also be added to a savory recipe for a mid-day meal or at supper time or they may form the basis for a tasty dessert.

In the classic meatloaf recipe, they may be mixed with ground beef, chopped onion, catsup, beaten egg and seasonings. Substituting minced turkey for the ground beef makes them lower in fat and even healthier. Serve with pasta, potatoes or rice and salad. Another quick and healthy recipe is to dip strips of chicken breast in a mixture of oat cereal, lemon and garlic and fry in a little bit of olive oil. Serve with baked basil and tomato chutney.

Quaker Oats coupons can help you enjoy a healthy diet without breaking the bank. People with high cholesterol or diabetes should use oat cereal as part of an overall health care plan under the advice of their doctor.

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