Learn The Art Of Eco Parenting With These Healthy Green Ways

They say if you want to make a big change in the world, the home is a great place to start! Saving nature and natural resources can be initiated by anybody and everybody at any stage of their lives. An eco-friendly spirit can be embraced in the smallest of things like using eco-friendly yoga mats which do not cause disposal problems after wear and tear, especially when it comes to larger aspects of living like parenting.

Eco-friendly parenting is not only a great way to contribute to a greener environment, but is also a healthier lifestyle option for your baby.

Here are 6 great tips which can help you with your quest in eco-friendly parenting:

  1. Diapers

Diapers are indispensable to parents these days. They are healthy, keep the baby’s skin dry and also make sure that your favorite dress never gets drenched with baby poop and pee. But the awful truth about disposable diapers is:

  • They take anything between 200-400 years to decompose

  • Almost 27.4 billion single use diapers are sold annually in USA alone

  • 92 % of these diapers end up in a landfill

Cloth diapers could be considered as an option. They might not be effective for an evening around town, but when you are spending time with you baby at home, there is no reason why you cannot snap a cloth diaper on! Most grocery stores these days stock cloth diapers and most of them come with easy to use Velcro straps, reducing the complexity of having to tie them on.

The most ideal solution, however, is a little more expensive than your average disposable diapers, is the eco-friendly diaper. They are available in most grocery stores, perform the same functions as a regular diaper and are easier to dispose as they decompose easily.

  1. Baby Food

Invest in a food processor and try to cook most of your baby food from organic fruits and vegetables at home. Not only will this save you all the money you spend on baby food jars at the supermarket, but it will also ensure that your baby is eating healthy. The baby food jars are difficult to dispose. They do not usually get recycled. Go for recycled containers and see the difference in your life.


  1. Clothing

The amount of time, resources and material used in churning out baby clothes almost every day is absolutely shocking. It is no news that babies tend to grow out of their clothes very soon. So do toddlers. Your baby has no sense of dressing or an attachment to a particular dress. Get a little broad minded and get used to the idea of dressing your baby in some hand-me-downs. You can always wash and disinfect the clothes before dressing your baby in them. Keep in mind that most parents like you love their babies. Baby clothes, more often than not, have been handled with care. Try passing on your baby’s clothes once he/she has grown out of it.

  1. Green Parties and Gatherings

Whether it is a party to welcome your newborn home or to celebrate his or her birthday; keep your theme green. Discourage the use of plastics and encourage the use of disposable or recyclable paper. Save on paper by sending invites instead of formal invitations. Encourage your guests to contribute further to the green theme of your party.

  1. Green Cleaning

Say NO to all the toxic cleaning material accumulated in your house. Your house can be fresh and hygienic for your baby without the use of chemical heavy cleaning agents. Try using eco-friendly products. Homemade solutions like 2:1 ratio of vinegar and water can help you scrub the grime off your shower as effectively as any other cleaning agents. The internet is loaded with helpful, natural ways to keep your house clean and disinfected!

Chris Ronald is the author of this blog post. He believes in living an Eco friendly life and recommends using organic cleaning products through his website that can help you do your bit to save the environment.

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