Preschool Printable Workbooks

Do you have a child that’s ready to learn the alphabets, numbers, shapes and simple maths? You can help in your child’s learning with this set of 5 Jumbo Workbooks.


  • Each workbook is an average of 50 pages long.
  • Each workbook is dedicated to a certain topic: Alphabet, Numerals, Shapes & Colors, Addition & Subtraction, Division & Multiplication.
  • The pages are in PDF format that you can download and print.
  • Some of the skills your child will develop are classifying, sorting, matching, visual skills, logical thinking skills and problem solving skills.
  • Worksheets filled with colorful and cute illustrations. Your child will find it attractive and fun to do.

Here is a peek at the ABC workbook:

Jumbo Workbook on Alphabets

Jumbo Workbook on Alphabets

Nice and colorful yes?

Nice and colorful yes?

Click here to see more Jumbo Workbook samples


  • Convenient – Need to keep your child occupied for a while, just print out a few pages.
  • Basic concepts at your fingertips – Young children have short attention spans. These printables are a great way to have  quick and fun lessons on basic concepts.
  • Save money – 1 time purchase but you can print the pages as many times as you want. So in other words, you can reuse the workbooks over and over again. Unlike workbooks you buy at the store, once the child is done with it, you can’t use it anymore. Plus, you can use the worksheets for subsequent siblings.
  • Save time – The internet may have a lot of free worksheets to offer but you will need time to look for them.  With this 5 workbooks, everything is ready with just 1 click.  Plus, each website will usually only have a few worksheets to offer. It gets quite boring if your child has to use the same free worksheet over and over again. With Jumbo Workbooks, each book has 50 different variations on the same topic.
  • There are also printable certificates that you can print to award your child. Also cut-out pages that can be made into stickers to make learning more fun.

Jumbo Workbook Stickers


  • Color printing can get a little expensive after a while. You can always print in black and white but it won’t be as attractive.
  • You have to make time to teach your child. Busy parents must put in the effort. Perfect if you are already doing a little homeschooling.

Individual workbooks = USD7.95
Buy the whole set of 5 workbooks = USD24.95 (If you want to break this down further, each page is about 10 cents. Remember you can print as many copies as you want. So if you print the same page 5 times, then it really cost you 2 cents for that page.)

I really like the colorful pages and the variety of activities. It’s a great resource to have if you plan to do some teaching at home. Nowadays, parents feel that they have no time or patience to teach their children and leave that responsibility to the schools. So, if you foresee this resource getting lost and forgotten among the many other files you have on your computer, then don’t get it. But I feel that even though children are going to school, parents are still their children’s no.1 teacher. Sitting down with your child for just 15 minutes to teach a new concept or reinforce something they are already learning will have such a positive impact on your child. If you can make that commitment to play teacher to your young child each day, this Jumbo Workbook will make your task a little easier.


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  2. trish says:

    I love printables for my kids…They are convenient and perfect for unexpected down time and to keep the kids busy. Thanks for the review.

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