How To Land Your First Writing Client

Tweet Still wondering how to get your first client? The first one is usually the most important, and also the toughest one to get. As a freelance writer, clients want to see

FREE St. Patrick Unit Study

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Children Books On Honesty

Tweet When my no.3 child was a toddler, he drew on the wall but blamed it on his older siblings. Looking back, it was a cute moment. We know that children are

The Secret To Making Money With PLR

Tweet CAN YOU REALLY MAKE MONEY ONLINE? So you’ve heard about people making money online. Sounds interesting? Sounds like something you would like to do? So you’ve decided to create a website

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Make Learning History and Geography Fun

Tweet Learning history and geography…DON’T HAVE TO BE BORING! Look out for a series of 3 videos that will be released by Knowledge Quest starting 20th October 2015. These videos will help

How To Make Some Money During The Holiday Season

Tweet You want to make some money, you have to recognize and seize the opportunities to make sales. Now is the time to get ready to make some money during the Christmas

Candy Bouquet Using Ferrero Rocher Chocolates

Tweet Candy bouquets make yummy gifts for any occasion. A popular choice is using Ferrero Rocher chocolates to make a beautiful candy bouquet. Now you don’t have to spend lots of money

Math Curriculum Sale

Tweet A+ Interactive Math is having a huge 4th of July Sale. Check out these attractive offers: This sale runs from 3 July – 7 July. Here are some ways you can

Discover Tips That Made These Pro Writers Successful

Tweet Here’s another must-see gift from Ron and Alice. Just make sure to do it while it’s still available. BEST WAY TO BECOME A PROFESSIONAL WRITER One of the best ways to

34 Ways To Earn Money Writing

Tweet Free Download: 34 Ways to Profit with Your Writing TURN YOUR WRITING —> CASH If you love writing and have been trying to figure out how you can turn that into